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  Advanced walk-in coldroom software by Computair

Computair is the world’s leading supplier of walk in coldroom design software.

Founded in 1980 to create custom-designed technical software for the air movement and refrigeration industries, we now provide industry-leading software solutions for manufacturers and dealers of walk in cold rooms, cold stores, walk in coolers and freezers, refrigerated warehouses, walk-in environmental rooms and related products in the food service and scientific refrigeration industries. 

Coldroom/coldstore/cooler coldroom quotation sofware

Walk-in coldroom design software 

Computair’s walk in cold room design software program enables the rapid pricing and design of your cold room, clean room or modular building, allowing you to bid for more jobs with increased accuracy and offering a quicker turnaround from order to delivery. The user can input the walls using the tools provided or via a DXF import feature, then position doors and windows and populate at the click of a mouse.

As various options are added by the user, our 3D fit check provides an automatic safeguard to ensure all the user selections are possible for that product. Technical selections can be included for equipment within the room, as can module-fitting algorithms in the case of clean room ceilings or similar.

A CAD-link facility is included enabling full 3D models to be generated. All other outputs are produced automatically in Microsoft Word.

3D multiple height coldroom coldstore coldroom/coldstore designer
CAD link for coldroom coldstore design

The CAD-link can be configured to create an overall submittal/manufacturing drawing, as well as more detailed sub-drawings. Technical data from the front end can be included on the final drawings.

The CAD system can produce outputs in many standard formats, including DXF, DWG, DGN and IGES. It can also publish direct to the internet.

Once room details have been entered, wall, ceiling and floor panels can be optimised and panel references allocated to identify unique panels.

The panel references and sizes can be output via CAD or the built-in sketch as shown.

The indented bill of materials produced in Microsoft Word shows panel references and quantities against part numbers. Any panels that need to be cut will have a cut detail sheet produced automatically.

cold store designer CAD drawing for coldroom cold store manufacture


Computair walk-in coldroom design software is suitable for use by manufacturers, dealers, sales reps, consultants and engineers. It provides the ability to design, price, quote, draw, submit, manufacture and install cold rooms quickly and accurately. It also offers the selection of all associated equipment such as doors, shelves, refrigeration equipment and meat rails. It can be linked to CAD software or to manufacturing software, accounts packages and ERP systems.


Can your walk in software offer the following?

Easy access for fast design & quoting

Ability to support and monitor your sales representatives and agents with an end-to-end quoting mechanism
Powerful tools to support your engineers
Web services to other software
Manufacturing outputs including G-Codes
Advanced outputs in 2D & 3D
Statistics of who is quoting what

If not, talk to us – Coldstore Specifier offers all of these as standard.


Language and global reach

Our walk in coldroom software currently supports many different languages and we are constantly adding new ones. So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can support your native language.

If you export your products to other countries, you can allow your people to use the software in their native language, which can really streamline your sales operations.

Computair already supplies software to the countries shaded blue. 

Global reach

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